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The Multiage Classroom

The Benefits of a Multiage Classroom

The History of Multiage at Orangethorpe


The Multiage Classroom

Orangethorpe Multiage/Alternative Parent Participation Classrooms of Choice are open and relaxed.  The walls are covered with examples of student writing and artwork.  Each classroom has an enormous library of reading material.  Books are revered.  There are plants and animals to care for.  The floor space is divided into high and low traffic areas for group work and individual work.  Each child has a space in which to keep personal items.  There is a constant flow of movement and learning as choices are considered, decisions are made, and success is felt

The environment is an integral piece of our classrooms.  Children are keen observers of the world around them, so we incorporate into the environment things that arouse curiosity, that invite children to interact, that allow children to relax, feel comfortable, and be successful in their education endeavors.

The Benefits of a Multiage Classroom

  • Multiage education produces independent learners, leadership skills and the initiative to reach out and help peers.
  • Students are not limited to performing at their age level but rather to the best of their ability, this alleviates some anxiety caused by competition, and gives room for healthy personality development.
  • Students learn to work independently and become better problem solvers.
  • A heterogeneous grouping of students allows the classroom to function more like a family unit, with each member serving a unique role.
  • Older children develop leadership and responsibility; they grow through being examples and models for younger children. Younger children are stimulated by the older ones in learning and behavior.
  • Student’s needs are addressed individually.
  • The sense of community promotes social development, cooperative learning, and problem solving.

The History of Multiage at Orangethorpe


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Multiage Reference

The Orangethorpe
Multiage Education program is featured in

" The TAO of Teaching".


"Multiage Education, Why We Need It Now More Than Ever"
Kevin Ward
National Board Certified Teacher
Sycamore Elementary School
Claremont, California
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